Pixza Mexico City

Image by Cynthia Estrada

Pixza – Corn pizza with a heart

So you guessed right: Pixza is a very Mexican pizza. Wheat is substituted by corn, tomato sauces with beans, mole and other traditional Mexican sauces, dishes and toppings. Their ingredients come from small sustainable and local producers with whom they work directly.

There is a reason why you won’t want to miss Pixza, and yes: the food is good and authentic, but its purpose is much better.

For every 5 slices of pixza sold, one pixza goes to a young adult ranging from 18 to 25 years old that have suffered from abandonment or have a history of violence, drug abuse or criminal records, and are usually homeless.

Along with the pixza, this person will receive a bracelet. This bracelet is the key to what is known as the Road of change, where they will get 5 pixzas and start  voluntary work to own the phrase “You help me because I know you can” and forget the usual “I help you because you can’t help yourself”.

Finishing these steps will get him/her in a social reinsertion program. If the program is completed, they will be offered a job at Pixza and the opportunity of a new beginning.

Pixza is what I consider a whole and integrative project. They are focused in preserving Mexican corn, culinary culture and approaching a real social problem with love and dignity.

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Details about this spot



Córdoba 234, Mexico City

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Opening Times

Tue - Thu 13:00 - 20:00, Fri - Sun 14:00 - 20:00


Slice: MXN 50

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