Ramen House Mexico City

Image by Alberto Barquet

Ramen House – A hidden spot

Ok, I love tacos, I love everything about Mexican gastronomy, but sometimes, I’m in the mood for something different. So, what about some noodles? The answer is Ramen House.

The first time I went there I had a few problems finding the place because it has just a very tiny sign outside and (to make things even harder) the entrance is through a corridor next to an Asian food supplies market. But it’s simple: just walk through that corridor and there you are.

The walls are decorated with manga and some K-pop stars (every time I go, there are music videos of K-pop on the wall) and the tables are for groups of 4. When the group is larger, we sometimes move some tables together.

I strongly recommend the beef ramen but I order it NOT SPICY (yes, I may be the only Mexican guy who does not eat chili — among other things), and double check that the waiter has written that down. Oh and don’t forget to try the aloe drink or the Korean beer.

Also, there is rice with cream cheese and tuna wrapped in some nori triangle-shaped things that are awesome! Just look out for your stomach, because maybe that’d be too much. 

On working days it can be full with people from offices. In weekends it’s a little more relaxed.

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Details about this spot



Calle Río Tiber 71, Mexico City

Telephone number


Opening Times

11:00 - 21:00 daily


Beef ramen: MXN 70

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