Shaktea Mexico City

Image by Andrea Maldonado

Shaktea – Tea as it should be

Few are the places that can offer a perfect experience, let alone with tea. But Shaktea, is a paradise for tea lovers, where the second most consumed beverage on the planet is served with passion, care and love. 

Shaktea is a tiny space, with only four tables, one of them seats about 4 people and the other three are really low so you can sit on the cushions on the floor to enjoy your tea. 

I came by this place from recommendations and a special invitation as I grew on the tea world in the city. This beautiful place transmits a beautiful vibe of peace and relaxation in tiny details, from live plants, to incense and tea books on the shelves. 

The tea menu at Shaktea includes special pure teas and a few blends, all of them served with such care, that different tea-ware is used depending on the type of tea you order. After selecting a unique tea, you are presented with a tiny tea ceremony, where the tea-ware is purified with hot water, the tea “awoken” with a very brief infusion and the scent of tea fills the air. After the purifying, tea is prepared only by instinct (they don’t use any timer!) and served in which could probably be one of the best tea experiences anyone can have. 

One of the aspects I love most about tea is how many things it can makes us feel, and Shaktea is the perfect place to discover tea in new ways.

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Details about this spot



Culiacán 52, Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 21:00


Tea service: MXN 40


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