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1930 – Speakeasy

A friend of mine was about to leave from Milan, for good. We parted ways but then she turned and gave me a card, her card for 1930, a secret bar and one of my favourite spots here. Sometimes it’s a huge throwback to the harsh prohibitionism period in the 30s, sometimes it’s just a cosy place to have superbly made drinks at with a few friends or your sweet other half.

Before being able to see the real thing, you will be facing a ridiculously small bar, maybe nine square metres at most and you’ll find yourself wondering why you actually wanted to end up there. But no worries, it will definitely be worth more than a try.

In the end why should I give you more details? It’s a secret bar, isn’t it? The good part is the secrecy, but still I can tell you a few things…maybe just an accurately selected set of keywords: gramophones, live music, ragtime and blues, punches, delicious tartares, time travel, Mag.

Ah before I leave you…remember there is a hidden hint here to obtain the card to get in, but remember: never ask for it. If you happen to have some time to spend in Milan just ask around and be patient, 1930 will find you, eventually.

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Details about this spot



Close to Cinque Giornate, Milan

Opening Times

Daily from 19:30


Cocktails from: € 20

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