Bicerin Milan

Image by Carmen Condeescu

Bicerin – Beautiful wine bar

One of the biggest perks of living in Italy is certainly the food and the wine! These two sure make for a wonderful combo!

I love the idea that you can meet a friend to chat over a great glass of wine and cheese platter in a charming wine bar where you often end up spending the entire evening and making friends with your next-door neighbors. When I first moved to Milan I had a hard time finding an actual wine bar as opposed to your typical aperitivo bar with a small selection of wines and a vast array of cocktails…

I wanted to find a wine bar with charm and character just like the ones you find in old Italian towns. Bicerin was love a first sight exactly for this matter! A wonderful selection of wine combined with a modern flair for interior design and architecture are a match made in heaven! You can tell that the owners put the same passion and effort into selecting every single piece of furniture just as they did when it comes to their wine selection. You will find more than 600 wines from all over Italy without forgetting the selection from other countries such as France, Germany or Spain.

I personally promise that if you come here you will not be disappointed!

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Details about this spot



Via Panfilo Castaldi 24, Milan

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Fri 15:00 - 00:00, Sat - Sun 10:00 - 00:00


Wine (glass): € 10


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