Scaringi Milan

Image by Elena Berneschi

Scaringi – One of the best cappuccinos in town

When it comes to cappuccinos, I must admit I am quite demanding. I can accept queuing for ages at the post office, risking my life every time I ride my bike in traffic, finding out there is a strike every time I try to catch the train on Friday afternoon, but if my morning cappuccino is not good my whole day is spoiled.

Choosing the right place for my breakfast has therefore been a difficult task, one that has required a big investment of time and energy. My conclusion has been that Scaringi has one of the best cappuccinos and marocchinos in town. You surely know the cappuccino, but you might not be sure of what a marocchino is: it’s a coffee with a cloud of milk, milk foam and some chocolate powder on the top (as far as I know, it only exists in Milan). At Scaringi they do more: they serve it in a glass coated with Nutella which melts down with the hot milk and coffee.

Although Scaringi is a patisserie, it is a great place to go to for the aperitivo: cocktails are good and the amount of food you get is always huge.

There are now quite a few Scaringis all over Milan, but my favorite one is near Piola metro, where the Technical University of Milan is: no surprise it is always full of cheerful and easygoing students (and it is the only Scaringi that is open every day of the week).

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Via Pacini 15, Milan

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07:00 - 20:00 daily


Cappuccino : € 1.30
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