50 Years of Great October Park Minsk

Image by Sergei Yurevich

50 Years of Great October Park – Very Soviet

This is one of those places that, to me, a person who didn’t live a day in the USSR, smells and looks very Soviet. It almost feels like there are labs that house scientists working on rockets that are going to take mankind to Mars (holla at ya, Mr. Musk). This park takes me to a warm idealistic place where societal values revolve around science and art (in my head it’s socialist art due to the USSR vibes of course). A broad boulevard that acts as the main artery of the park, paves the way to Tractor Stadium and if lucky, you can even view a football match for free from a park high point: just keep right while walking along the boulevard from the main park entrance and once you notice a hill going up, go there. Don’t tell anyone I said that though.

Right up there with the free “viewing deck” there are several rides and the common amusement gimmicks like cotton candy and popcorn stands. Never really tried any of those here so don’t take my word for it. The best I can get out of this place is the Soviet ’70s atmosphere with a bright future ahead of us and all of that fun stuff that comes along when you have some soviet-wave music playing in your headphones. In fact, I don’t believe it’s been once in the past 5 years when I walked here without any soviet-wave playing as a soundtrack to my stroll. Awesome.

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Imia 50-hoddzia Kastryčnika Park, Minsk

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24 hours daily
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