Belarusian National Arts Museum Minsk

Image by Mash Romanovskaya

Belarusian National Arts Museum – Classic & modern

The Belarusian National Arts Museum is located in the very heart of Minsk. The Museum, together with the nearby buildings, form a unique architectural landscape. In fact, this is probably my favorite spot in the city whenever I feel like strolling along busy (but not crazy and overflowing with people and traffic) streets to do some people-gazing.

The thing I love most about this Museum is the way it balances the classic interior and art pieces with modern technology, a dash of contemporary art and very well organized fun and entertaining events which are frequently held here. For example, once during the Long Night of Museums, I got the chance to make some art at the museum myself by cutting and pasting magazine pages with my friends. We made a customizable face! We took a strip of paper and glued different eyes cut out of magazines onto it. We did the same fo the mouths: two slits were made on a paper face cut out of a magazine where the eyes should be and two more for the mouths. Then, by putting the strips with multiple different eyes and mouths through the respective slits, we were able to play around and customize the face 🙂 The artistic atmosphere really made an impact on us!

I’m lucky to live in Minsk and be able to visit the museum often. My biggest source of enjoyment is the temporary expositions that come and go but are always worth the while!

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Vulica Lienina 20, Minsk

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Wed - Mon 11:00 - 19:00


Adults fee : BYR 10


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