Belypolus Minsk

Image by Anna Krebs

Belypolus – The taste of Belarus

Mmm, it’s heaven in a tub and a wonderful little taste of summer. Do you like ice cream like I do? What would you think if I told you that you have the opportunity to feel the taste of Belarus in one?! Surprised? You would! After all, you can actually get to eat ice cream with real cornflowers – the main symbol of Belarus.

The Belarusian poet Maxim Bogdanovich made a trend of cornflowers a century ago, and now the flowers appear on the planes, signboards of restaurants and even in ice cream. This national dessert in “the colors of homeland” were made by the oldest ice creamm factory in Belarus, “White Pole” (Belypolus).

Cornflower is not the only Belarusian trick: the ice cream contains flax seeds and the cup is from rye flour. The idea of the manufacturers was to create a product that tastes like Belarus.

Another interesting fact is that the wrap has useful and fun phrases both in Biełaruskaja Łacinka and English for a foreigner to use when in Belarus.

Therefore, enjoy this rare delicacy, read the packaging and enjoy the real taste of Belarus! Close your eyes and imagine a stork flying high in the sky…

Did you imagine it? Done! Now you are a native Belarusian!

This type of ice cream is sold in the lovely store There you can find a lot of interesting things! 🙂

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Praspiekt Mašerava 18, Minsk

Opening Times

10:00 - 20:00 daily


Ice cream: BYR 2


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