Grekova Park Minsk

Image by Mash Romanovskaya

Grekova Park – Uptown strolling grounds

Grekova Park is where lots of my high school classes were skipped. It’s super close to the school I went to, making it the perfect place to relax during warm spring and fall school days. Even winter days sometimes!

For me, it’s a very nostalgic place to visit. It was renovated several years ago and now it’s a nice spot for families to stroll around. When the warm weather sets in (usually in late April – early May) several food tents are set up near the park entrance. To my disgrace (since I live pretty close to this park), I have never taken advantage of the barbecue tents that work all summer long, though I do grab an occasional soda or ice cream on hot sunny days as a refresher.

The best time to visit and explore the park is during daytime. The park may seem kind of small but there is a pretty vast space taken up by the “wild side” – bushes, trees and barely visible trails. This “wild side” is definitely worth exploring. There are a few shabby lodges that are always interesting to look at and guessing who lived there before and how. Now, there’s one thing that I’d advise against and that is exploring the “wild side” when it’s dark outside as there is a high risk of running into some unpleasant drunkards. Other than that, daytime here is great and it’s got a great view of an artificial inner-city lake. Better not swim in it though 🙂

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Vulica Malinina, Minsk

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24 hours daily
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