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LSTR Adzieńnie (adzieńnie means ‘clothing’ in Belarusian) is the Minsk-based streetwear brand that incorporates the Belarusian identity into its clothing and accessories in a unique and off-the-wall way.

The guys draw inspiration from literally anything Belarus-related, whether it be the glorious days of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, the famous lines by the most prominent Belarusian poets, a blue and white jar of condensed milk, or simply the local memes from the everyday life of our country.

They take this material, reinterpret it in an unexpected manner and design bold and alternative capsule collections of quality streetwear that is totally different from the mass-market tourist merchandise you’re likely to find in most of the city’s stores. I believe that to some extent having a piece of clothing by LSTR Adzieńnie is like stating that you ARE in the know of something that makes you truly local.

You can spot their concept store right across the street from Komarovka market. As it’s rarely crowded, you can always chat with the staff and ask them about what stands behind each collection to receive that ‘secret’ cultural knowledge. The guys are super friendly and helpful. Drop by, get yourself an authentic Minsk piece of clothing or an accessory and keep exploring this wonderful city as a local!

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Mike from Minsk

Mike Charniatsou photo

Since 2009 I watched Minsk change. There's always cool stuff going on!

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Mon - Fri 11:00 - 20:00


Clothing: BYR 45

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