Tsnyanka Reservoir & Park Minsk

Image by Sergei Yurevich

Tsnyanka Reservoir & Park – Minsk’s got beaches

This beach spot keeps getting better every year. The same has been happening with the weather in Belarus (although some might disagree) but I enjoy hot summer weather, so for me the hotter, the better (as long as the temperature stays below 35 degrees Celsius). This only means that there are more days to take advantage of the sizzling sunny days here at the Tsnyanka water reservoir.

It’s relatively clean for a gigantic artificial puddle within the confines of the city. That’s why I’m guilty of swimming in it several times. Nevertheless, I would advise making sure that there are no hazard warnings before you take a dip. It’s not like anyone has ever mutated, but getting unpleasant skin rashes is no fun either (I have never had one from swimming in Tsnyanka).

Several years ago, I used to come here with my friends to play volleyball, and I still see lots of people enjoying these activities here. For some unknown reason, I gave up on this place in terms of full-on physical activities and started coming here rather for meditation. It could be the vast array of activities available here that allow one to feel discreet even when there are hundreds of beachgoers 5 meters away from you.

In any case, as you may know, meditation is a tiring activity and makes one (me) hungry. Tsnyanka has that covered, too, with its outdoor cafes – looking at it like that, it might be the reason why I don’t mind meditation here.

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2nd Beach of Tsna Water Park, Minsk

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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