Zen Wear Minsk

Image by Ilya Uglianitsa

Zen Wear – Minimalist clothes shop

Zen Wear is a Belarusian clothes brand. They gained a lot of popularity in Minsk in the past few years. They are making high-quality, minimalist clothes. But by minimalist, I mean mostly calm, plain colours. The best thing about this brand is their ability to generate cool, modern, but not overexpressive cuts.

They got some menswear, but women’s dresses or sweatshorts are the things they are really good at — clothes to wear every day, without needing to especially think about what will go well with what.

It’s not mass-market, all the items are high quality. Also, they are locally produced, which also means that they are cheap. Not as cheap as mass-market brands, but you can expect to buy a pair of sweatshorts for something like 50€. 

And, as far as I know, they still don’t ship internationally. Probably, the only way to buy their clothes for a foreigner is to visit their store.

It’s on the second floor of shopping center, spot #16. Check it out!

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Nemiga str.3, Minsk

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11:00 - 21:00 daily


T-shirt: BYR 40


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