Zhasminovaya Minsk

Image by Sergei Yurevich

Zhasminovaya – Perfect retirement within the city?

Minsk is a diverse city and whenever I walk the streets I feel how the mood changes with every passing block. There is one place in Minsk, though, where the feel is completely different.

Who would have thought that only a short walk away from the renown Belarusian “Diamond” – the National Library of Belarus – there is a beautiful, calm and quiet haven for the wealthy. There are several places in Minsk which are known for being archipelagos of the rich and famous but this district is not one of them. For some reason, it constantly slips under the radar.

Whenever I walk these serene streets, I barely ever see any “stray” people like myself. A few parents with kids here and there and some homeowners tidying up their front yards are pretty much the only people you are going to see here. This neighborhood gives off a slight “North American suburbs” vibe. I would even go so far as to state that this is the only place like that in Minsk and probably even in the whole of Belarus.

Summertime evening walks through Zhasminovaya are an amazing way to wind down and switch gears. Long intense days of work or exploration leave one’s head full of information and sometimes anxiety. My cure for this would be a relaxing stroll around this block, which usually goes unnoticed by Minsk-dwellers and especially tourists. When you get the chance to be here, don’t tell anyone it was because of me 😉

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Ulitsa Zhasminovaya, Minsk

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24 hours daily
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