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Lucia Capretti (1990)

About me
I have many passions but the one I live my life most in line with is travel! I travel as much as I can, and in as many different ways as possible to try to get a true feel for the world. I work in a hotel, where I can surround myself with fellow travellers all the time!

I also get very excited by food, both tasting and cooking, and use that as a source of inspiration for my travels and daily life.

I love movement, dance, music, communicating with and without words, and sharing all these passions with friends and strangers!

Why Montreal
Montreal is an incredible city I am happy to call my hometown. Geographically, I love that Montreal is an island; it makes it feel like all the magic is somewhat contained here!

The variety of cultures and populations living here is huge, which makes the options in the city almost endless. Be it opportunities to learn, new flavours to taste, or festivals to attend, Montreal’s multiculturalism is a great quality.
I love all the green spaces, the Lachine canal and the river. I love biking around the city (outside of winter..) and exploring all the neighbourhoods, each distinct with their architecture and style.

Beyond the praise, Montreal always makes me feel excited and invigorated, and I am always keen to share my enthusiasm for Montreal with others.

Where else can you find me online?

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