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Nadia Pacitto (1974)

About me
Born and raised in Montreal by immigrant parents from Italy, food has always been an integral part of family life. I live by certain guiding principles: no sugar required in a good cappuccino, never put cheese on fish and brunch is the ideal meal any time of day, any day of the week.
I love to travel as much as I can and wherever I am, I love to discover great local eateries that offer not only good food but a memorable experience that makes you want to tell all your friends.

Why Montreal
Montreal is unique because of its people and the cultures they bring with them from all around the world. It has a lot to offer with its rich history and a diverse array of cafes, bars and restaurants. It has many wonderful neighborhoods where the aromas seeping out of the corner spots are just waiting to be discovered. Along with its many festivals during our long-awaited hot summer months as well as in winter, it’s a city that’s always switched to ON.

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