Berlin Wall Segment Montreal

Image by Miet Verhauwaert

Berlin Wall Segment – A gift impossible to wrap

“Happy 350th Birthday! Here’s a piece of our wall,” said the birthday card sent from Berlin. The tiny card was attached to a huge, unwrapped block of concrete with a bow around it and had been carried into the office of Mayor Jean Doré by 10 strong German men.

I assume it all happened way more formal, but in my mind, that’s how the Berlin Wall Segment was donated to Montreal in 1992.

This extraordinary gift is located in Ruelle des Fortifications at the Word Trade Center, downtown Montreal. Personally, I would like to have seen this piece of public art at another, more ‘folksy’ location. Ruelle des Fortifications is basically a passage-way for commuters going to and from work and metro. At least, that’s how I bumped into it. This site, however, was considered the most appropriate because it is, in fact, where the fortifications of Montreal once stood. Aah, symbolism…

A visit to the Berlin Wall Segment is the perfect excursion when you are visiting the city during our notorious winter, since the center is connected to Montreal’s underground city. To access, take the orange line and get off at metro station Square Victoria-OACI.

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747 Rue du Square-Victoria, Montreal

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24 hours daily


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