Fonderie Darling Montreal

Image by Simon Belleau

Fonderie Darling – Before the Storm

Fonderie Darling combines two things I really love; art and old industrial buildings. Located in a former foundry in Griffintown, the complex consists of a gallery and artists studios. The history of the building is quite rich and interesting as it played an important role in Montreal’s industrial evolution. For now however, I want to focus on its present-day function. More specifically, I want to invite you to visit ‘Before the Storm’, the exhibition of Montreal-based visual artist Sarah Stevenson.

Six colourful and futuristic-like sculptures float in the bright main hall of the gallery. The room is filled with beautiful natural light. I’m not eloquent enough to describe Stevenson’s creative process in a justified manner, so to quote the website: Sarah Stevenson’s creative process begins with the drawing of complex preparatory grid diagrams, which are then transferred into three-dimensional space, becoming a web of knotted coloured threads that trace out well-defined lines and geometric shapes.

The six sculptures – named Spike, Spine, Bruise, Nimbus, Burn and Bean – are inspired by the biological world and the human body. From afar, the sculptures seem weightless and almost transparent. For some reason, I couldn’t stop looking at them. I had an eerie feeling that they were sent from outer space. *Chills*

If you are planning a stroll in the Old Port soon, I strongly suggest popping by Fonderie Darling. But don’t wait too long though, because ‘Before the Storm’ ends August 22nd. Check out their website to stay informed about the upcoming activities.

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Thu 12:00 - 22:00, Fri - Sun 12:00 - 19:00


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