Kino Kabaret Montreal

Image by Jeremie Gerhardt

Kino Kabaret – Short movie night

Do you like going to the movies? Me too. Do you like being surprised when watching films on a big screen? Me too. Do you have a huge appetite for new images, faces? Me too. Do you sometimes not want to wait days and weeks until a new release comes to the theater? Me too! We have so many points in common it’s almost unbelievable. You must also be a fan of short movies then. Short movie events are perfect for satisfying your love for new creation, and kino kabaret events are made for us!

Every first Friday of each month you can witness Montreal’s very alive independent movie scene at the Astral theater. A new topic is selected every time and teams have a definite number of hours to write a story, shoot a short movie, do the post-production and show their creation to the public.

Kino Kabaret has spread out into the world and you may find similar event in other cities. Bur more importantly it’s the guarantee to be happily surprised with what you will see – among the various short video creations, there is at least one for you, and one is enough to have a good evening.

Such events are pretty popular, so whenever I join them I try to arrive early enough to have a comfortable place to sit, grab a beer and continue the discussion about the previous films I watched with the other regular attendees.

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Details about this spot



6505 Rue St-Hubert, Montreal, QC, Canada, Montreal

Opening Times

1st Friday of each month


Single entry: C$ 11.5


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