Les Affûtés Montreal

Image by Miet Verhauwaert

Les Affûtés – DIY community

I love learning new things; woodworking, tap dancing, hand lettering… I even had an origami phase once. I desperately wanted to amaze people at parties by folding my napkin into a flamingo. Never got that good though.

Les Affûtés is a community located in the Little Italy neighborhood, that wants to ‘fight against the planned obsolescence of objects quickly purchased, quickly discarded’ and wants to encourage people to create with their own hands.

They offer a variety of workshops at a fair price. Make your own wooden cutting board, learn how to repair your bike or get familiar with the basics of plumbing, are just a few examples. I personally tried the soap-making workshop. I didn’t buy soap for a year after that. And, I smelled delicious!

If you have your own personal project, but you don’t have the space or tools, Les Affûtés might be able to help you. They have sewing machines, drills, hammers… all at your disposal. My curtains needed hemming but I didn’t own an iron nor do I have the space in my tiny apartment to spread the curtains on a table. I popped by, explained them what I wanted to do and could get down to business right away. I just paid for what I used.

I personally love initiatives that encourage sharing, participating and learning. Les Affûtés is the perfect spot for anyone who has a project, big or small, and needs some help or guidance.

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