Louis Cyr Monument Montreal

Image by Miet Verhauwaert

Louis Cyr Monument – 166 kg of Montreal strength

If you’re a fan of intriguing historical figures, then the Louis Cyr Monument will definitely speak to your imagination. The story of Quebec’s most beloved strongman and weightlifter Louis Cyr, is definitely worth discovering. End of the 19th century, he was “the strongest man of the world”, as he is said to have lifted a platform on his back holding 18 men for a total of 1976 kg! When he wasn’t busy doing that, he lifted 242 kg weight with one finger. Ouch!

Learn from my mistakes and don’t go looking for the monument in the Louis Cyr Park, the park dedicated to Canadian Samson, a nickname for Cyr, 800 metres further from the actual monument.

The work by sculptor Robert Pelletier, is located at Parc des Hommes-Forts (Strong Men’s Park) in the cute Saint-Henri neighborhood in the Sud-Ouest borough (South West). It’s not really a park though, because it’s on an intersection of two busy streets. The statue was placed there because Cyr served as a police officer in the borough for two years.

I really love this monument because for once, it doesn’t depict a politician or Leonard Cohen. Louis Cyr is a unique individual and 166 kg of Quebec pride. There’s a movie from 2013 about his life, conveniently named ‘Louis Cyr’.  Check it out before visiting the monument!

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