Сhajnoe Puteshestvie Moscow

Image by Irina Rakhmanova

Сhajnoe Puteshestvie – Tea travel

«Сhajnoe puteshestvie» or “Tea travel” is not a teashop in the ordinary sense of the word. For sure, you can find and buy all kinds of exclusive leaf tea imported from China, but it is more than a shop. «Сhajnoe puteshestvie» is a place both for those whose life cannot be imagined without tea culture, and for those who just want to learn more about tea.

Every visitor became a dear guest. He or she is welcomed to take a place at a Chinese tea table, to join a tea play and participate in a discussion about the tastes of a particular tea or just listen to a tea master. Some of the guestσ are real tea professionals – they take part in tea ceremonies regularly and even have their own pialas, however, new visitors also often join these tea parties and they are always free to leave at every moment or come back later. The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly.

Personally, what I love most of all in this place is that the owner is an expert in Chinese culture & tea culture and has a lot of experience from spending time in China and exploring interesting sorts of tea. That means I can be sure that I learn true facts about China and taste original Chinese tea and do not learn it from boring textbooks.

What is more, you can find in the shop some original items brought from China such as figures, traditional clothes and crockery.

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Mon - Fri 14:00 - 21:30, Sat - Sun 15:00 - 21:30




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