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Diktatura – Street-wear as Russians make it

The world’s gone crazy about the Gosha Rubchinsky style that features the new view of the ’90s in Russia. This sort of nostalgia is reflected in the new Russian street-fashion. When I need an outfit by independent brands, Diktatura is a place to go. Dressing up in all black, tattoos and white snickers is all the hype and the feeling of being different matters.

Diktatura’s location is remarkable: Roll Hall mall is an oasis of the ’90s. It hasn’t changed at all in 15-20 years. It has small shops with various stuff from various subcultures, from skating to rasta. Diktatura is right at the end of the shopping gallery and differs from neighboring outlets; the concrete walls and the designer-made interior hits bullseye in Roll Hall’s 90s style. 

Anyway, let me name some brands, though it’s definitely up to you to choose. Since we are in Moscow, let’s choose some really local ones – they are Volchok, Yunost’, Heartburn, Gnev and some others. Prices vary but normally you can get a T for about 900-1000 RUB – a medium price but at least the item is not a mass-market one.

Prints on longsleeves and t-shirts are often influenced by “from-the-hood culture” with its aggressive appearance but melancholic content. Street romance themes are also common and Cyrillic letters a must. That’s what I’m going to wear if a techno party is on my agenda.

Good thing is that Diktatura opened a new location in Flacon but that location requires a separate article.

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Kholodilnyy pereulok, 3 (Roll Hall centre), Moscow

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10:00 - 21:00 daily


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