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Kozlovica – For knedliks, come here!

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is famous for its crowded beerhouses where people may sit for a couple of hours or even more. ‘Kozlovica’ beerhouse in Moscow is similar to authentic Czech restaurants, with exquisite cuisine and beer – well-known ‘Velkopopovicki Kozel’ brand.

There are three ‘Kozlovica’ beerhouses in Moscow, but my favourite one is on Pyatnitskaya street – it’s not very far away from my work, I like the Zamoskvorechye district very much, and besides it’s close to another nice spot – ‘Marukame‘ udon restaurant. It’s easy to distinguish the house where ‘Kozlovica’ is, by the sculpture of a goat (actually ‘Kozel’ means ‘goat’ in Czech, and in Russian as well, it only sounds a little bit different) on the wall who kind of invites you in. So, when I miss Prague’s spirit, I come here. I know that I’ll always find not only outstanding beer, but delicious meals as well.

The very first thing to try here is a famous Czech knedlik – boiled bread or potato dumpling. When you order sausage as a snack with a beer, you absolutely must order knedlik, it’s like a trimming, very nutritious and tasty. Speaking of sausages, I recommend Vaclavske sausages – it’s blood and liver sausages, they go well with beer. By the way, I recommend the mixed beer here. Although it’s produced in Russia, not in Czech Republic unfortunately, it tastes like it does in Prague.

Also, I strongly recommend this spot for the larger groups.

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Pyatnitskaya ulitsa, 29 (2nd floor), Moscow

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Opening Times

Sun - Thu 12:00 - 00:00, Fri - Sat 12:00 - 01:00


Knedlik: RUB 25


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