Pita&Souvlaki Moscow

Image by Maria Selezneva

Pita&Souvlaki – Greek tavern

After the epic Spotters Weekend back in 2016, I’ve really fallen in love with Athens. This city, like Greece and its culture itself, has captivated me, and after going back to Moscow, I kept looking for authentic places.

I’ve found ‘Grill&Gyros‘, an interesting spot to grab some authentic street food, but still more of a place where you can just grab your gyros on a busy day. Later, it was ‘Pita&Souvlaki’ that captured my heart with a dessert I was longing for after coming back home. It’s called galaktoboureko, and it’s made of semolina custard. Believe me it’s really delicious!

But wait, I have to say something about this place. Actually, there is not only one ‘Pita&Souvlaki’ spot in Moscow. It’s a chain, you can enjoy their meals in three different locations. But my favorite one is located close to Pokrovka Street. It has a lot of space, the staff is really friendly, and besides, it reminds me of a Greek tavern a lot.

Apart from galaktoboureko, I strongly recommend ordering a merida. It’s like souvlaki, famous grilled meat pieces, served on a plate with sides. The chicken is very tasty, but you can try all of them, depending on your taste. Sorry guys, meat lovers only. But if you’re mad about cheese, you’ll be happy to know they also have typical Cypriot halloumi cheese.

And, as the peak of the dinner: typical Greek frappé coffee, bitter yet captivating at the same time. Believe me, you’ll love it!

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Details about this spot



Pokrovka Street 1/13/6, bldg. 2, Moscow

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Thu 10:00 - 00:00, Fri - Sat 10:00 - 01:00


P.p. w/ dessert: RUB 1000


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