Auer Dult Munich

Image by Alexander Stengel

Auer Dult – Market and fair

Three times a year, in spring, summer and autumn, there is “Dult” for a week, including on both weekends. This is a fair, a very small Oktoberfest, combined with a large temporary market for household things and antiques. There areso many dishes, glasses, knives and pottery offered that it is supposed to be the biggest crockery market in Europe, but I’m not sure whether that is true… The market consists of wooden stands covered with green plastic tarp. They get put up three weeks before so you have a good chance to realise when the next “Dult” will start.

A lot of visitors from outside Munich come to the Auer Dult, but they are not classical tourists, they come to buy things because they are cheaper than in the shops and to enjoy the fair. The fair is so small and friendly that kids from Munich start to go there even alone when they are 12 or so. So it is very original, very village-like and I go there every year at least once.

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Mariahilfplatz, Munich

Opening Times

Apr 28 - May 6, Jul 28 - Aug 5 & Oct 20 - Oct 28


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