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Tina Lurz (1990)

About me
My heart belongs to the big wide world, to literature and to the beautiful things of everyday life (and to chocolate). Letters are my home – whether printed, online, in social media or spoken – and photos are my passion. When traveling to new destinations, bookstores and cafés are the first places I go to (still trying to find the world’s best chocolate cake), museums and exhibitions are almost a must. The sea, however, is my all-time favorite, whenever it’s in reach. My apartment is my feel-good place, Munich is my home base and the world is my playground. I love to come back to familiar corners as much as I love to discover new places – in beloved Munich and in the rest of the world. I can’t wait for all the adventures (and chocolate cakes) that are waiting for me out there.

Why Munich
It’s not very hard to see that Munich is a beautiful city. To discover what makes it worth loving and living in, that took me a bit longer. But once I fell in love with Munich, there was no way out. How can you not love a city that is home to so many people but still feels cozy and homely? A city that has so many different faces, that is traditional and modern, chic and real? A city in which everything is just a 30 minutes bike ride away? A city that shows its beauty not only with the first glimpse of summer sun but also with every snowflake that falls on the ground and the surrounding mountains? The only thing I really miss in Munich is the sea. But that’s the best reason to go travelling. Or to go watch the Eisbach surfers and imagine it’s the Pacific Ocean.

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