Babuni Munich

Image by Tina Lurz

Babuni – Polish pierogi that make you happy

I have travelled to Poland a couple of times and had the privilege to taste the authentic cuisine of the country quite often. One of my favorite Polish dishes is Pierogi, dumplings filled with, for example, potatoes and cottage cheese. You can imagine my excitement when I found out about Babuni, a pierogi place in Munich, right?

Babuni offers a range of different pierogi depending on the season. In autumn, you can get kraut and mushrooms or pumpkin and peas inside your dumpling. In summer, they have for example cream cheese and spinach filling. There are also two sweet varieties e.g. apple and cinnamon or plum and other traditional polish dishes like Bigos or soups, which all make a food lover’s heart jump with excitement.

To be honest, the prices are fair but (unlike the food) not just like in Poland. However, I like to go to Babuni with colleagues for my lunch break. When entering the small bistro and café (they also serve breakfast and cakes!) you can feel the positive atmosphere right away. The furniture is cosy and the tapestry has a colorful floral pattern you can find on traditional clothing from Poland. The whole room is warm and welcoming, just like the owner, who gives you a warm smile with your food. There is no chance you won’t leave this place happy!

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Details about this spot



Landsberger Straße 137, Munich

Telephone number


Opening Times

Tue - Fri 09:00 - 16:00, Sat 12:00 - 18:00


5 pierogi: € 7.90


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