Blitz Club Munich

Image by Simon Vorhammer - Blitz Club

Blitz Club – Flashing sound

“Blitz” means flash and the club is young and a highlight of the Munich club scene. I was told the acoustics are one of the best club acoustics worldwide. That made me curious and I went there although I’m not a dance-floor specialist. 

It turned out to be different from what you might think, or at least from what I thought. First of all, you think of subculture and at the entrance it all looks like it, but when you enter the main dance chamber, there is friendly, bright wood, CNC-carved structures… materials treated like they would in a top-level interior design bar. Then those loudspeaker sculptures — not brutal black gigantomanic sculptures, no: they looked like those high-end speakers for the crazy enthusiasts. Everything had an astonishing level of aesthetics and, together with the music and the warm wooden walls, it leaves you in a mood that is hard to describe.

I did only go there once, but I will go there a few more times for sure. This is because I have the feeling I didn’t get it. The bass was not as clear and precise and crisp as I thought it would be, but I know that the loudspeakers run on several separate systems and that you can add and combine those sound systems or leave them partially out. It’s a loudspeaker orchestra more than a fixed sound system. So every gig might be very different. That has left me as curious as I was before.

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Details about this spot



Museumsinsel 1, Munich

Telephone number


Opening Times

Fri - Sat around 23:30 - 06:00


Entrance fee: € 12


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