Borstei Housing Complex Munich

Image by Kleopatra Polyzou

Borstei Housing Complex – A village in the city

I discovered this housing complex during one of my long Sunday walks and I was impressed by it. A few meters away from the Olympiapark, it is unknown to most people (except those who live there, I suppose). When I was back home, I was surprised to find out about its unusual history.

Built between 1924 and 1929 by the architect Bernhard Borst, owner of a constructing company back in the day, it was a revolutionary project for its time, which was due to its concept: the idea was to create a housing complex which would allow communication between its inhabitants, but also provide the tenants with comforts such as central heating or bathrooms for each apartment, considered luxuries back then.

The housing complex consists of 77 apartment buildings which form 7 inner yards. Special attention was given to the combination of housing, nature and art; this is why the spacious inner yards are covered with beautiful gardens and nice statues or fountains.

Walking through it and enjoying the beautiful gardens, you may get the impression that you are in a small village. There is no feeling of anonymity and being lost, like in most big cities. Rather, you feel as if you’re walking through a welcoming, warm community of people who live next to each other and share their daily lives. I wish I could move into one of these flats one day!

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Dachauer Straße 140, Munich

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