Dichtergarten Munich

Image by Kleopatra Polyzou

Dichtergarten – A garden for poets

Do you know what a “hidden” spot is? It is the spot that lies in front of your eyes but you never notice it. It is this small detail at the street that you cross a thousand times every day but you actually never see. Until that one day that you suddenly realize that there was a small gem in front of you and you never noticed before…

That’s exactly what I thought when I discovered the Dichterpark. The discovery was accompanied with feelings of happiness (“Yeah, a new spot I can write about!”) along with frustration (“How can it be that I never noticed this park before?”).

The last is because Dichterpark lies in the centre of Munich, literally in the heart of the touristic zone, between two busy touristic hubs: the Hofgarten and the Englischer Garten. It was actually during my attempt to escape the tourist masses, trying to find a shortcut on my way to Englischer Garten that I noticed the gem hiding in front of my eyes, as I mentioned before.

Despite its central position, this is a very relaxing quiet green oasis: perfect if you need a break from the city madness. “Dichtergarten” means “Garden of the poets” and this is because the park is dedicated to poets and thinkers that are somehow connected with the city of Munich – Frédéric Chopin and Heinrich Heine, among others.

Let the rest tourists follow the busy road – you better make a shortcut but psst… Don’t tell anyone!

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Finanzgarten, Munich

Opening Times

24 hours daily


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