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Druxs – The place for vintage racing bikes

If you visit the parking lot of a high school in central Munich, 80% of all students drive vintage steal road racers which their grandfathers bought between 1980 and 1995 and which – after a few rides – were kept in the garage as a holy reminiscence of their sportiness. This is a more than obvious trend.

Druxs is not the only shop to buy them but it’s the shop to bring them for repair or if you’re looking for old spare parts. 

He calls himself Olafur Druxs (sounds like a name from Iceland, but he is Hungarian) and he is a bicycle-repair artist. Carina is the wonderful lady in the shop permanently trying to direct her boyfriend’s genius into more “this-is-a-regular-shop” structures. They have some old steal bikes, a self-assembled new one, lots of vintage parts, a deep knowledge of old racing bikes and six kids.

What happens when you enter the shop with a repair question is the following: she will call him from his workshop. He will show up with half a bike on his shoulder and his hands in an oily condition. A short look at your bike, two more questions, and his hands will take your bike turning or shaking it around with such a professional grip that you will immediately be willing to hand it over and let him repair what ever he finds worth repairing. He won’t work for nothing but you can be sure he knows what he does. And don’t forget they have six hungry kids.

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