Englischer Garten Nord Munich

Image by Alexander Stengel

Englischer Garten Nord – Wide and wild

Munich’s “Englischer Garten“ (English Garden) is not an unknown spot, but its northern part rarely gets a visit from foreigners. It is wide and it is wild.

The Englischer Garten doesn’t cut a hole in the dense city structure like the usual city park. It is more an aisle of green that starts right in the city center, follows the river Isar and leads towards the open landscape north of Munich. The garden part of this aisle is divided by an inner city highway, the “Mittlerer Ring“, into a southern and a northern part. They are not so different in terms of landscape architecture, but by treatment and usage.

The northern part keeps its long grass until summer, when sheep will turn up. It has a fairly romantic touch, significantly fewer people stay there for a much longer period and bring all they need with them. It is more a day off than an hour off. The best way to explore it is by bike, also because there is a wonderful biergarten at the very end of it, the Aumeister. Enchanting.

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Englischer Garten, Munich

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24 hours daily
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