Fiedler und Fuchs Munich

Image by Stefan Hermansdorfer

Fiedler und Fuchs – Bavaria meets Tyrol

Once upon a time gastronomical darkness covered Untergiesing. People were running around hungry, uninspired and had to cook their own food. The brave ones went out and took on the adventure to discover other parts of Munich for finding places with pre-cooked food, the other ones had to starve.

Ok, that’s not true, but the truth is, that there is a story behind the name ‘Fiedler und Fuchs’ (translated literally: Fiddler and Fox). It comes from a famous Fiddler (Fiedler) called Christian Cannabich, who inspired Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with his work. And the second part of the name comes from the street name: ‘Voß’, which is the old German name for ‘Fox’. So far the historical background.

Now you know the name consists of two parts, but the food has three different geographical influences. There is the Bavarian part, the Tyrolean and the rest of the world. Sounds like they do everything like the ‘Tyrolean pork roast with Chinese dumplings’. But you will not find any kind of ‘confusion’ food on the menu. The dishes are simple and delicious.

I do like the big window, which divides the kitchen from the guest room. A transparent kitchen is on the one side an honest way to show the guests, that food is prepared well and on the other side the chefs do not feel like they’re locked up.

My conclusion: enjoy food at the terrace!

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Details about this spot



Voßstraße 15, Munich

Opening Times

Mon - Sat 11:00 - 01:00, Sun 10:00 - 01:00


Pork roast: € 9.50


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