Ionion Munich

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Ionion – Greek street food in Munich

Besides the typical Bavarian cuisine, Munich hosts several cuisines from all around the world, including Greek cuisine. There is a great number of Greek restaurants, but this big offer does not satisfy me at all. To me, “Greek restaurant” in Germany is simply a euphemism; a better term would be “so-called Greek” or “wannabe Greek” restaurants. The food is simply not what one can find in Greece full stop. The fact that the great majority of these restaurants are run by Greeks does not change the fact that the served food cannot make a Greek happy.

It is true that there are moments when one feels a huge appetite to taste flavours from their childhood; for me, this is pita gyros. 

Pita gyros is THE street food in Greece. One (or two, depending on how hungry you are) can replace a meal and it tastes yummy. The traditional version consists of pork meat, tomato, onion, tzatziki and French fries rolled in a pita bread. Nowadays, tzatziki can be replaced by ketchup or mustard, and pork meat with chicken. 

When German people ask me which Greek restaurant in Munich is the best, I answer that in my opinion there is no real Greek restaurant in Munich but one can try very decent Greek street food in Ionion. It is not a restaurant with a huge menu but rather a small eatery which offers pita gyros as one can eat in the streets of Greece – but it is original.

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Augustenstraße 90, Munich

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Mon - Sat 10:00 - 20:00

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