Joon Munich

Image by Ayla Amschlinger

Joon – Unpretentiously perfect

To me, living in a certain neighbourhood not only means knowing every street by heart but also having the perfect tip for every situation: the café serving the best breakfast, places where you can have excellent coffee, favourites for lunch – snacks – cakes, things to do on a rainy afternoon and cool bars for longdrinks and cocktails in the evening. So when it comes to Café Joon, almost every setting mentioned above applies to this spot, which makes it one of my ultimate neighbourhood go-to’s.

Joon is definitely not the fancy café famous for having cats inside or posh clients, extraordinary food creations you absolutely have to try or whatsoever. But it is the perfect place if you like a hip yet unexcited atmosphere, huge bowls of café au lait without pretentiousness and nice people who aren’t fake – sometimes, less is more.

To be honest, most of the time I don’t actually plan on going to Joon but get stuck by it when crossing the street. Seeing all the people sitting outside in the sun, smelling the roast of fresh coffee … – well, the reasons to spend the next hours in here are obvious. From the early beginning of the day to the last diminishing rays of sunlight, Joon is always a good idea. One last tip though, that makes it so much more than just an average neighbourhood café: the avocado bread with poached eggs are to die for!

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Details about this spot



Theresienstraße 114, Munich

Telephone number


Opening Times

Thu - Sun 09:00 - 16:00


Café au lait: € 3.40


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