Melissa Pastry Shop Munich

Image by Kleopatra Polyzou

Melissa Pastry Shop – Get ready for a sugar rush

I need to confess this: I love sweets! I have always loved them. Having a sweet creation in front of me is something I can hardly resist. 

Fortunately, the offer of sugary creations in Munich is very decent, but still… I find sweets here a bit less sweet than the sweets I was used to back in Greece. I know sugar is not healthy etc but I am sure that those who have tasted Greek sweets (and the sweets of Eastern Europe or the Middle East in general) can understand me: there is nothing better than tasting a yummy piece of baklava swimming in double-boiled syrup. Mmmmm, I feel the water in my mouth right now…

Fortunately (for me), Greek sweets are strongly represented in Munich as well. Their home is called Melissa and this is my fave pastry shop. Besides the most common sweets (baklava, chocolate cakes etc), I recommend the “bougatsa”, which is served with several fillings: sweet (milk cream) or savory (cheese or spinach).

Melissa is also a meeting point for the Greek community in Munich. Coffee is served in all the varieties that you can find it in Greece: warm (mocha) or cold (frappe, freddoccino etc).

It’s better to visit Melissa with an empty stomach and if you cannot decide what to order, don’t hesitate to ask the Greeks sitting at the table next to you!

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