Ost-West-Friedenskirche Munich

Image by Kleopatra Polyzou

Ost-West-Friedenskirche – A place for peace

I discovered this spot during one of my long walks in the Olympiapark: right next to the field where the Tollwood Festival takes place in summer, lies a place dedicated to peace and conciliation among people.

A small hand-built chapel that looks like it was taken from a Russian village lies in a beautiful garden, a few meters away from the rush and noise of the city. It looks unreal and after coming back home, I had to find out more about it. Who built that?

According to the story, it all started in 1943 when a Russian man, Timofei Wassiljewitch Prochorow, had a vision of Mary ordering him to leave Russia and – despite the war – move to the West and build a church for the Peace and Conciliation between the people in the East and West. And so he did.

A man who followed a vision sent by Mary? Maybe this is just a fairy tale, maybe not – you decide.

But regardless of whether you are religious or not, this place symbolizes a universal human wish: the wish for peace. And this very wish that we all share is what makes this place magic and special.

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Ost-West-Friedenskirche, Spiridon-Louis-Ring, München, Deutschland, Munich

Opening Times

11:00 - 17:00 daily




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