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Ostfriedhof – Visiting the East Cemetery

Most people find cemeteries creepy and scary and they are not considered the first places to visit when visiting a foreign city (unless one listens to goth/metal or a similar kind of music, is fascinated by vampires and blood drinking or is a fan of the Doors and is visiting Paris). Although I partly share this opinion, I still have to acknowledge that cemeteries are an important part of a city’s life and help you to understand the people and the society of this place. I respect these places very much, as I recognize that we need to thank the findings in graves for literally the biggest part of the information and knowledge we may have about the ancient societies in Egypt, Greece or Italy.

Close to my house, there is a cemetery that I visited recently for the first time: the Ostfriedhof (“East Cemetery”). Dating back to 1817 (although its bigger part dates from the end of 19th century, due to the city expansion), the cemetery hosts an impressive administration building built by Hans Grässel. It is a beautiful building with strong classic influences.

For those, who have read the Bavarian history, the visit would be a chance to see the graves of many important personalities, such as Bernhard von Gudden (the doctor of the famous King Ludwig II, who was found dead together with the King in lake Starnberg).

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