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Image by Alexander Stengel

SportScheck Outlet – Sports clothes always 50% off

Munich is known for its sport activities, so one day you will need some special jacket or shoe for cycling, hiking, mountaineering, sailing, swimming…

This is an outlet which offers sports clothing and shoes all year long for exactly 50% off the regular price. All you find in the shop is 50% off, no exceptions,, this makes it very attractive and easy for the customer. And they sell winter clothes during winter and summer cloths during summer, like a regular shop, with the difference that the clothes aren’t from the same season, but from one or two years ago.

SportScheck, once one of the two traditional big sports-only shops in Munich, was sold to a huge mail-order business house and this means that this outlet is always full of stuff. It is located in the underground of Ostbahnhof, so in a very attractive part of the city center. That means you can always take a break from shopping, leave the underground and refresh yourself in a nice cafe only a few steps away.

No doubt, everything is perfect here, with one exception: every two or three months they have two or three unexpected, unpredictable days with 50% off their 50% prices, which means 25% of the regular prices. That’s when everything is over-perfect; if I happen to catch one of these days, I have to send a short message to a long list of people who all try to leave their offices and hurry to Ostbahnhof.

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Orleansplatz 11, Munich

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Mon - Fri 09:00 - 19:00, Sat 09:00 - 18:00


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