Tantris Munich

Image by Alexander Stengel

Tantris – Orange temple in a concrete shell

This has been a famous 2-3 star restaurant since forever, but for me it’s a place with all sorts of contradictions. It’s an Asian-looking temple with top architecture from the late ’60s, but it’s on a tiny side street in an ugly neighbourhood of low-cost towers in a corner of Munich where no-one would suggest a top restaurant and where it’s quite hard to find. An exposed concrete shell from the outside, but with chef Hans Haas for the last 25 years inside — a chef who grew up on a poor alpine farm with such direct access to ingredients that he never stopped cooking on the same local, unspoiled base.

Have a look around. The chef H. Haas will retire in 2020 and nobody knows if the place will stay as it is. An overwhelming, all-orange world opens up. You can almost grab the refreshing modernism of those years. And of course, you will never regret sitting down for their well-priced lunch offers.

The contradictions peaked one night in late autumn: the chef and his employees stay overnight, trucks with tons of “Marillen” (local name for apricots) arrive and they cook jam — 1500 kg of jam = 7500 glasses — one simple and traditional recipe only. Can you imagine how many hours it took them to clean up the sticky floors, walls & ovens until they could restart their sensible top cuisine? By the way, the color of the jam was deep orange, of course.

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Wed - Sat 12:00 - 15:00 & 18:30 - 01:00


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