Werksviertel Munich

Image by Alexander Stengel

Werksviertel – A quarter yet to be

The Werksviertel sounds like a „Viertel”, like the quarter of a city, but it isn’t one yet. It has been Munich’s biggest party zone for the last 20 years, consisting of lots of shabby buildings behind the Eastern railway station. Now it is planned to become a sort of ideal city within a few years. You will have the new Philharmonic concert hall, start-up incubators, young artists being super creative in generously sponsored ateliers, sheep on the green roof top of a building that houses big advertising agencies and international consulting firms…

How this will all come to a friendly co-existence and stay as ideal as planned? Nobody knows, but I love going there every three months or so and having a look and thinking about building investment, ideal cities, the wildness of such an place and its integration into a clean and controlled city. They serve coffee and cake already out of a little container in a city of shabby containers. There are concerts now almost every weekend, there are parties still going on… the place is preparing itself to become something of importance.

By the way, there will be six sheep on the green roof top and they will be neighbours with an outdoor roof terrace club with enormous loudspeakers. How will this come together? For as long as the club uses its outdoor speakers, the sheep will be moved to a classic meadow in the outskirts of Munich and returned as soon as the party is over.

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Aterlierstraße, Munich

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24 hours daily


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