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French Quarter, New Orleans (by Rosie Kerr)

One of the next city guides we would like to launch as part of our mission of promoting authentic culture is New Orleans!

New Orleans is popular with tourists, and for good reason. However, most of these tourists never quite get to familiarize themselves with the heart of New Orleans, its culture and its people. That’s why we need help from you, New Orleans locals, to help others understand your city.

Bourbon Street (by NICO BHLR)

Known for its music, cuisine, nightlife, and festivals – in a word, fun – New Orleans attracts millions of people every year. These people rarely get to see the real New Orleans though. They visit the French Quarter, Jackson Square, City Park, Garden District, and they enjoy themselves during Mardi Gras. Of course, these are all staples of New Orleans, but there is still so much more to it; New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures, with a diverse history and traditions. It’s such a shame then, that most people are unable to see the beauty of these cultures blending together, which is why we need you to show them your own perspective of New Orleans.

So what is it like to experience New Orleans like a local? Where can you get the best coffee or local gumbo? Where do locals relax or celebrate? This is what we and many travelers want to know!

Are you a New Orleans loving local?

We aim to show visitors (and locals!) the real culture of New Orleans beyond the tourist highlights. We are looking for locals who’d like to share their passion and spread the word about New Orleans by blogging about their favorite spots. Browse around our current 80+ city blogs and learn more about our amazing community & vision!

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