12 hours in New York

Arriving in New York, you get the sense that here is a place where dreams come true and anything can happen. It can also be a bit overwhelming as you exit the Grand Central Terminal or step out of Penn Station. It’s a challenge to try and experience New York in 12 hours, so find luggage storage in NYC with Stasher and get moving!

Get in the Empire State of mind with a self-directed walking tour of downtown. Most popular sights (like famous buildings, Broadway, One World Trade and the Brooklyn Bridge) are in Midtown and Lower Manhattan. Whether you linger there depends on your interests – every niche, creed, and nation is represented in America’s melting pot.

  • Lesser-known landmarks: Marvel at the NYPL Schwarzman Building, the Morgan Library, the Met Cloisters and NYC Catacombs.
  • Treat yourself: Glam it up with Fifth Avenue shopping, classical recitals at Julliard, or a world-class spa experience.
  • Perfect slice: Try Di Fara, Joe’s Pizza, PQR, Patsy’s Pizzeria, Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop or all five, and join in the rivalry over who does it best.

North of Midtown you’ll find Central Park, Harlem, and Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. Sports fans might take the Q44 bus to Queens for the Mets Plaza and Flushing Meadows, while history buffs should head south to Greenwich Village and Tribeca. Have a nightcap with the ghosts of founding fathers and revolutionaries at the Fraunces Tavern on Wall Street, the White Horse Tavern in Greenwich Village, or the Stonewall Inn a few blocks away.

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