5 Essential Places To Visit In New York as a Sports Fan

Rucker Park (by Bryan Horowitz)

In New York “the city that never sleeps” there are many different places to visit that has a lot of interest for sports fans. So pack your bags and look for some hotels in New York, because there are countless places to go but what matters is the quality rather than the quantity of these places you can see. We’ve picked out five places to go if you are a sports fan and shall be explaining why to go there as well as the history behind them.

Places to go as a sports fan

Madison Square Garden – This is a giant theatre that hosts famous artists and big sporting events that are hosted in the Garden. You can also buy different kinds of merchandise that is affiliated with sporting activities. the garden is used for professional basketball (New York Knicks), ice hockey (New York Rangers), boxing and wrestling as well as other forms of sports and entertainment.

Rucker Park this is a basketball court in Harlem Manhattan, historically this court has had many famous NBA players, in fact, most people who first played basketball on that court became very famous professionally. The court was even featured on TNT television on Halloween ground this happened in the year 2000 as well as being featured in 2018s black panther movie. the court was televised because of a street championship so Rucker park has a very good history

Yankee Stadium A stadium located in the concourse and its purpose in hosting the Yankees of major league baseball and is also the home ballpark for New York City Fc Of Major League Soccer this is where one of the biggest sporting events happen in the whole of America making the Yankee stadium a must see.it is designed to look very visually appealing, therefore, the stadium looks modern and up to date.

Red Bull Arena soccer stadium in Harrison new jersey that is home to New York Red Bulls of Major League Soccer. The features of the stadium have a transparent roof, the stadium has a seating capacity of twenty-five thousand which is very impressive. Taking a note of the features on the stadium there is a tension-fabric curved exterior shell that wraps around the entire two tired stadium including all of this gives the stadium a sleek stylised look despite the fact its one of the biggest specific stadiums in America.

Met Life Stadium – an American sports stadium located in East Rutherford this is used for national football league home to the New York Giants. if you are a fan of the New York Giants the this is definitely the place to be for sporting events also the stadium cost exactly 1.6 billion to construct.

Why would you want to visit these places in New York City

The reason we have have picked all of these locations to go and see if you are a sports fan is that They can all give you a great and thrilling experience that leaves you with a once in a lifetime memory. Rucker Park has been listed here because if you are a fan of basketball then its definitely the place to be, from a historical standpoint the court is where many successful players have sprouted from also another factor is that you can play basketball with your friends at the birthing place of basketball legends. In all of these events and stadiums, you get the chance to see all of your sporting idols and maybe even get a chance to interact with a few of the Yankees basketball players or fighters after you’ve seen them perform. All of the stadiums are different from looks location and who they’re represented by it all matters and makes the time special by how differentiated the places are.

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