Grand Bazaar New York

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Grand Bazaar – Flea market UWS

A school ground flea market has risen to become better known after a long history of a sort of behind-the-scenes bargain and source-for-great-finds place.

Fear naught, there remains much to be discovered (and eaten).

At the north end food; everywhere else, enterprising tabletop enthusiasts selling the stuff they have accumulated over the years, or have made by hand. This covers a lot of ground. Some of the sellers have antique jewelry store caliber stuff at bargain prices.

Fur coats, rugs, necklaces, rings, toques, sashes, scarves, china bric-a-brac, bottles, old tools, furniture, mirrors, rubber stamps, glassware and whew!, sandals, lamps, chromed refurbished antique toasters — there’s a lot more — and that’s only the outside vendors. Inside, in the school’s cafeteria, are dozens and dozens more.

The last things I bought? Two African print dresses for a tiny child (a new great niece) and a three piece set of Bunnykins Royal Doulton china for a different tiny child (another new, great niece).

It’s kitty-corner from the Museum of Natural History, two blocks north of Housing Works (the not-as-cheap-as-it-used-to-be second hand store chain, famous around New York for its work with AIDS-afflicted people) and across the street from Shake Shack, another chain famous in this case for becoming mediocre. Further, at the vegetable green market that skirts the AMNH, also on Sundays, is an apple seller whose wife makes the simplest, most affordable and delicious apple pies that I have tasted, apart from those I bake myself which are about the same.

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Details about this spot



West 76th Street 100, New York

Opening Times

Sun 10:00 - 17:30


Child's dress: US$ 20


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