Grand Central Terminal New York

Image by Craig Nelson

Grand Central Terminal – Gateway to the city

When I need inspiration for myself, my city, and now, even my country, I jump on the subway and head to one of the busiest and most beautiful train stations in the world. Grand Central Terminal welcomes over 750,000 people every day, from commuters rushing to catch the train to locals like myself that are passing through on their way to a meeting. 

You can shop for fresh produce or a new iPhone, down a burger from Shake Shack, or enjoy a dozen oysters at Grand Central Oyster Bar. But my favorite activity is to just take a moment to soak in the humanity.

As I stand on the main floor near the famous clock, every type of person — age, religion, skin color, nationality — brushes past me on the way to their next destination. It’s an inspiring feeling that you can only find in New York City. And it’s a symbol of an open and free society that the city has come to represent. 

In 2013, Grand Central celebrated its 100th birthday, and it’s looking better than ever. Let’s hope it’s here for another 100 years and beyond.

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East 42nd Street, New York

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05:30 - 02:30 daily




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