Willy Wall New York

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Willy Wall – Secret floating bar

The Honorable William Wall has allegedly been floating in New York Harbor since 2004. Until two years ago, I’d never heard of it. After reading about the bar, I peered out the window of my office on the 40th floor of a skyscraper. Sure enough, there it was, a speck in the water next to Ellis Island.

Willy Wall, as the locals call it, is the clubhouse of the Manhattan Yacht Club. Back in 2012, they opened their floating bar to non-members. Anyone can head out there for cheap drinks and fantastic skyline views. The seasonal spot is open from May until October, so check the website for dates and tickets.

To reach the bar, you have to leave the state first. From Battery Park City in Manhattan, you take a ferry to New Jersey. After crossing the Hudson River, you board a smaller boat that shuttles you back to New York and Willy Wall.

Why go through all this effort? The cocktails are the coldest, and the views are the best. And you’ll have done something that most New Yorkers have never done. I like going during the summer when it’s impossible to beat the heat in the city. The breeze on the water will be the best thing you’ve ever felt.

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New York Harbor, New York

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Opening Times

Tue - Sat 17:15 - 22:00


Admission: US$ 20


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