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About me
I work for a technology company and am used to travelling around the world to different continents but have my home base in Oslo. I spend my time kayaking and biking, and following the stereotype of Norwegians, I enjoy hiking uphill and skiing in the winter. Very open to other cultures and human beings and enjoy reading and listening to travel stories to learn about new places, new perspectives, and approaches to the puzzle of life.

Outside my professional life, I like to spend time with friends, testing out a local quiz game in a bar or café. My favorite season is the transition from spring to summer when the sun sets very late in Oslo. It is the perfect time to walk around the city getting inspired by the beautiful light, crisp air, and prosperous atmosphere and anticipation that lies in the fact that summer is coming. Something that is not taken for granted in Norway! And a perfect time to go late-night swimming to end my day.

Why Oslo
Born and raised in Oslo, I love to see how the city is constantly evolving into a more diverse and sophisticated city. I like to compare Oslo with a pineapple: it can be perceived as a bit rough on the outside and around the edges, but once you get to open it up it has many layers. It can be quite tasty and much more appealing than what you would originally think, with several opportunities for sweet moments.

My favorite part of the city is that it is large enough to get the most experiences you would like, and at the same time small enough to give you a feeling of overview and control. You could basically walk or bike anywhere in Oslo during the day, kayaking in the fjord in the morning, hiking, or biking in the surrounding forests in the afternoon, having a beer in the street bars in the Grünerløkka area in the evening. Everything is just 25 minutes away from the city center, perfectly located in between the blue and the green. It’s the main reason why I always return to my hometown.

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