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Elin Reitehaug (1974)

About me
Web editor and communication adviser by day, traveler by heart.

Travel blogger with a focus on green travel, local experiences and vegetarian food. A former microbiologist, but my love for writing and web publishing made me change direction.

I love to explore new places, and I love to travel as local as possible – and the best way to experience a place is through the tips from locals. Being a Spotter makes me be more aware of my hometown. I was a Spotter for three years since the launch of the Oslo guide in 2010, but had to quit when I moved to Ghana for a year. I am very happy to be back on the team!

Why Oslo?
Oslo is a city with short distances between sights and activities, so if you like to walk, you can reach many places by foot. Oslo is an expensive city, and the prices of food and drinks in the guidebooks will often scare travelers from going to Oslo. However, there are budget options, and some of them are my favorite spots.

Oslo has a variety of nice pubs, bars, music venues, theatres and museums. There are many outdoor activities, from parks, places to swim, to good areas for hiking. We also have a city river, and there is a walking trail from Grønland along the river all the way up to Maridalen. The city has many parks to hang out during summer, and the forest and hills are right outside the city for hiking, bicycling or skiing at winter.

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